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Wimax - 1.1-introduction

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WiMax is a new technology Wireless, to wide gang, that allows the nets access of communication without threads. I sharpen dall' English Wireless (without thread), points out the electronic devices that to connect among them doesn't make use of cables. It seems is quoted some parolonis, in reality if we think well there it is only the evolution of the technology within the time. One of the first examples of this kind have almost surely been the Radio; it I sharpen using electromagnetic (Radio waves) radiations, it allows the transmission of sounds on different frequencies according to the station that we desire to listen in that precise moment.Accordingly we can list many other devices that with the time they were born and they exploit this technology: Television, Cellular, Television satellitare, Personal PC.etc. The definition "wide gang" we can intend her/it as a simultaneous data transmission,(frequency), increasing of it so the speed, to an a little elevated cost; you/he/she can also be replaced with the definition of "fast Connection). Typical lines that mirror how much just mentioned I am: Adsl and Fiber optics.

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